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Split CV Gaiter Kit

Change Your Drive Shaft Gaiter or CV Joint Gaiter without removing your Driveshaft. No tools needed!

Inner CV Joint or Outer CV Joint. Change your own Driveshaft Gaiter in minutes.

Everything you need is in the kit. Knife to cut your old one off, New specially designed Split rubber gaiter, ties, adhesive and grease - There's even a pair of latex gloves to fit it. And full easy to follow instructions

The gaiter has been specially designed with a tong and grooved seam down the length of it. Once wrapped around the joint and located the gaiter is Glued with special adhesive.

Dealers charge up to a £100 to replace one gaiter. Our Fully MOT authorised replacement kit costs just £16.95.

Delivered direct from our warehouse on Southwell Road West in Mansfield to anywhere in the UK and Worldwide.

CV Boot
Price (each): £16.95

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